With thousands of employees across the globe, Parsons Corporation (Parsons) needed an automation solution to increase the efficiency of and visibility into its onboarding process. With PMG, Parsons reduced the time needed to onboard an employee by 56 percent.

PMG Solves Parsons Corporation’s Onboarding Challenge.

Improves employee first-day experience while significantly reducing annual labor cost.

Challenge: Accelerate Onboarding process, improve first-day experience.

Founded in 1944, Parsons is an engineering, construction, technical and management services firm. With employees on 5 continents, Parsons has a large global footprint in the security/defense, industrial and infrastructure markets.

Parsons’ large employee network means year-round onboarding, with the firm averaging 67,500 labor hours per year dedicated to onboarding new employees. Yet the process was a pain point for the firm. Manual systems resulted in buried emails, unnecessary phone calls and a lack of visibility into operational progress. The company wanted to accelerate onboarding to maximize resources and make the first hour of an employee’s first day productive.

Parsons’ talent management team approached Michael Lawrence, Senior Business Process Re-Engineering Professional at Parsons, and together they began searching for providers. The company required a solution that interfaced with pre-existing systems, required minimal coding, offered robust workflow management and provided advanced reporting to monitor tasks and track performance.

Solution: Automation streamlines entire onboarding lifecycle.

“We provided several competitors the challenges we were facing. PMG was the only provider to configure a solution specific to our needs, illustrating how the solution would work. This effort showed us how PMG would value us as an actual customer, and we were sold,” said Lawrence.

Since implementation, Parsons has automated more than 30 processes ranging from granting system and application access to hardware and software provisioning. PMG leverages a no-code workflow engine, allowing Parsons to automate manual emails and service requests, expediting processes and virtually eliminating miscommunication between IS, HR and other departments. Activities such as network access, workspace assignment and equipment provisioning can now be done with just a few clicks.

“Not only has PMG simplified onboarding, they’ve improved our visibility. The entire process, from granting network access to providing assets and physical workspace allocation, occurs in one workflow. We can document and track operations with unprecedented accuracy, eliminating those excess emails and status calls,” said Lawrence.

PMG also answers the need for integration, seamlessly interfacing with Parsons’ pre-existing Service and Asset management tool, as well as several other systems, including Active Directory, SharePoint and the P2P procurement system. PMG easily reads published APIs to provide a rapid exchange of bi-directional data, improving decision making through real-time tracking and performance metrics.

Results: Significant annual labor cost reduction.

By automating its onboarding process with PMG, Parsons has seen a 56 percent reduction in the time needed to onboard each new employee. The resulting 37,500 hours provides more bandwidth for the Parsons Talent Management, IT and Facilities teams to focus on more value added tasks.

Ultimately, the improved onboarding process leads to a better first-day experience for Parsons’ new hires. With the shortened HR process, employees can begin contributing from the point of entry, further adding to the labor savings that PMG contributes annually.

Pleased with these results, Parsons aims to further leverage PMG as the foundation for its business process automation. The firm plans to expand automation to include processes such as off-boarding, project approvals and travel abroad requests to continue improving organizational efficiency.

About Parsons Corporation.

Founded in 1944, Parsons, an engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm is 100% owned by the Employee Stock Ownership Trust. Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets with a focus on defense/security, industrial, and infrastructure. We conquer the toughest logistical challenges and deliver design/design-build, program/construction management, and other professional services packaged in innovative alternative delivery methods to federal, regional, and local government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide.

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